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Coffee Break: John Triantafilis
18 October 2018 | Seminar

Over 70 % of sugarcane industry operates next to the Great Barrier Reef. Sugarcane farmers are therefore under pressure to improve practices to minimise off-farm pollution.

181004 Bashford
New Earth Histories
4 October 2018 | Seminar

New Earth Histories is led by new UNSW SHARP professorial hire, Alison Bashford. It aims to produce a new and cosmopolitan history of environmental and Earth sciences.

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Coffee Break: Darren Curnoe & Laurie Menviel
20 September 2018 | Seminar


PANGEA Coffee break mininars offer two short talks in a one hour session.

Darren Curnoe: When Did Modern Humans Arrive in Southeast Asia? 

180906 Bricks
Coffee Break: Professor Clara Magalhâes
6 September 2018 | Seminar

Materials and production technology of historic clay brick masonry in XVIII Century Aveiro, Portugal

180822 Groat Giuliani Gem
Visitor Seminar: Prof Lee Groat and Dr Gaston Giuliani - Updated Time
22 August 2018 | Seminar

PANGEA welcomes visitors Professor Lee Groat from the University of British Columbia, Canada and Dr Gaston Giuliani from CRPG-CNRS, Nancy, France who will be presenting two short talks in an one...

MWAC Info Session for BEES-PANGEA
16 August 2018 | Workshop

The Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC) has considerable facilities for chemical and microstructural analysis and imaging of materials.

Cup of coffee
Coffee Break: Mike Archer & David Cohen
2 August 2018 | Seminar

PANGEA Coffee break mininars offer two short talks in a one hour session. Join us for the first mininar of the semester with Mike Archer and David Cohen.

Scicne in public
Science in Public - Seminars and Workshop
25 May 2017 |

PANGEA is proud to present Science in Public, a free and open event offered by the centre in an effort to promote and develop science communication.

PANGEA Short Seminar Series: Dr Anthony Billingsley
20 October 2016 | Seminar

The Environment and International Law

Dr Scott Hawken
PANGEA seminar: Dr Scott Hawken. Visualising Dispersed Urban Landscapes: geospatial technologies and archaeology at Angkor
7 October 2016 | Seminar

Abstract: Since the 1990s research at Angkor, Cambodia has made rapid advances using remote sensing and geospatial technologies.