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26 May 2017

Charles Darwin believed that humans evolved in Africa, because that’s where our closest ape relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas live.

30 April 2017

A rapidly growing list of signatories are adding their support to the Statement...

Image: Reuters
11 April 2017

Professor Graciela Metternicht has appeared in a short segment on ABC news radio, discussing Japan's decision to produce the medals for the next Olympics using raw metal recovered from e-waste.

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21 March 2017

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development adopted in September 2015 advocates for a balanced integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

21 March 2017

PANGEA member Professor Graciel Metternicht is among a group of international experts who have spent the past year developing the ...

14 March 2017

Exciting results published on Thursday in the international science journal Nature provide precious new insights into the arrival and movement of humans across Australia over a staggering 50,000 years. 

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29 November 2016

Dr John Triantafilis was awarded a Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Cooperative Research Programme Fellowship to carry out research at the Instituto de Investigacion y Formacion Agraria y Pequaera (IFAPA) based in...

9 November 2016

PANGEA researcher Prof. Andy Baker and centre director A/Prof.

9 November 2016

Microleo attenboroughi, a new species of tiny...

AAE Citizen Scientist Kerry Tozer deploying an Expendable Conductivity Temperature and Depth (XCTD) Probe in a crack in the sea ice formed across Commonwealth Bay
9 November 2016

Commonwealth Bay in the East Antarctic will be forever associated with Sir Douglas Mawson’s pioneering scientific venture a century ago: the...