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3 May 2019

The move has been likened to putting the country on a "war footing", with climate and the environment at the very centre of all government policy, rather than being on the fringe of political decisions.

11 April 2019

Reports say that a new species of ancient human has been identified in a cave in The Philippines. But only a few bone and teeth fossil fragments have been found, so far.

13 February 2019
29 November 2018

Nineteen researchers from UNSW Sydney and its affiliates have been included in the 2018 list of Highly Cited Researchers.

28 November 2018

A mysterious shaggy giant species of rhinoceros – named the Siberian unicorn due to its enormous single horn – turns out to have survived in western Russia until just 36,000 years ago, according to research...

15 November 2018

The Australian Academy of Science’s National Committee for Geography is launching its strategic plan, Geography: Shaping Australia’s Future, in Sydney on...

181101 mammal_fossil_2_1
1 November 2018

A new study, led by scientists from UNSW Sydney and published in Nature Ecology and Evolution today, suggests that early hominin dispersals beyond Africa did not have to adapt to environmental extremes, such as to arid and harsh deserts.

19 October 2018

The extinction of one of Australia’s top predators, Thylacoleo carnifex – aka the marsupial lion

15 October 2018

During our evolutionary history, what biological elements played a key role in giving us the ability to be musical?

12 October 2018

Dr Ben Shaw has begun an archaeological project in the stunning islands of the Milne Bay Province, otherwise known as the Massim cultural region.