Dr Karen Privat
Research Associate | Electron Microscope Unit
Contact details:
+61-2-9385 6468

Dr Privat is a member of academic staff in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre at UNSW.


Major responsibility for managing research and training on the JEOL JXA-8500F Hyperprobe (EPMA), EMU SEM training/inquiries contact, and additional support for various instruments.


Archaeological Science - palaeodietary & palaeoenvironmental reconstruction via stable isotope analysis of floral and faunal remains; chemical analysis of artefacts using microscopy-based techniques (e.g. EPMA)


Archaeological Science:

Reade W, Duncan Jones J & Privat K 2014. Hellenistic core-formed glass from Gordion. 19e Congrès de l’Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre, Piran: International Association for the History of Glass (AIHV).

Ventresca Miller A, Usmanova E, Logvin V, Kalieva S, Shevnina I, Logvin A, Kolbina A, Suslov A, Privat K, Haas K & Rosenmeier M 2014. Subsistence and social change in central Eurasia: Stable isotope analysis of populations spanning the Bronze Age transition. Journal of Archaeological Science 42(1): 525-538.


McCarroll RJ, Graham IT, Fountain R, Privat K & Woodhead J 2014. The Ojolali region, Sumatra, Indonesia: Epithermal gold-silver mineralisation within the Sunda Arc. Gondwana Research 26(1): 218-240.

Materials & Biomedical Engineering:

Patel S, Guenther T, Dodds CWD, Kolke S, Privat KL, Matteucci PB & Suaning GJ 2013. Materials design considerations involved in the fabrication of implantable bionics by metallization of ceramic substrates. Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS. Article No. 6609611: 759-762.

Robin l, Laws KJ, XU W, Kurniawan G, Privat K & Ferry M 2010. The Three-Dimensional Structure of Mg-Rich Plates in As-Cast Mg-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Composites. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 41(7): 1691-1698.