Dr Troy Myers
Technical Officer; Casual Academic
Field of Research: 
Vertebrate palaeontology, palaeoecology, marsupial phylogenetics, Vombatiform evolution
Contact details:
+61 (2) 93852069

LG20 & Room 558

D26 Building

Dr Troy Myers has a diverse background in vertebrate palaeontology including research into vombatiform evolution, palaeoecology and taphonomy of the rich mammal deposits of the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, the evolution of marsupial body-size, as well as palaeontology of Cretaceous marine reptiles of the Eromanga Sea.

From 2001-2004 Troy was Curator of the marine fossil museum at Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond, Queensland.

He has undertaken extensive fieldwork in north and north-western Queensland and New South Wales, investigating Cainozoic and Mesozoic strata.

Troy has experience over many years as a fossil preparator, including mechanical and chemical preparation of fossils from Riversleigh’s Oligo-Miocene deposits and the Aptian-Albian marine deposits of north-western Queensland.

Teaching:      GEOS2071 Life Through Time (Co-convenor; Lecturer; Demonstrator)

                        BIOS2061 Vertebrate Zoology (Demonstrator)

                        UNSW Global Foundation Studies – Biology (Demonstrator)

Research students: Corey Bennetts, Honours

Honours, Awards and Fellowships: Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowship (2003)

       Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (2005)

Professional Affiliations: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology