Angela Lay
PhD candidate
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Room 524, D26 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Geology and Origin of Podiform Chromitite Bodies within Manatuto Region, Timor Leste

The Hili Manu peridotite (part of the Aileu Complex) is located in Timor Leste on the north coast of Timor, an island that formed as a result of Cenozoic collision of the NW shelf of Australian continental margin and the Banda Arc. Hence this peridotite could be interpreted as part of either the Banda upper plate with supra-subduction zone geochemical signature or the lower Australian Plate.

These ultramafic units have been a topic of considerable debate as their ophiolitic affiliation over the last 30 years. Chromitite bodies associated with the ultramafic units in the area were first noted in the late 1930s, however there were no further investigations. This present study will focus on the textures and geochemistry of chromitites and their host peridotites to help resolve these issues.

This study provides the first textural description and detail geochemical analysis of the chromitite from Hili Manu and additional information on the host peridotites from the two ultramafic massifs that have not previously being described and studied.


Dr Ian Graham

Associate Professor David Cohen