Len Martin
Martin, Len
PhD Candidate
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+61 411 574 330

Room 428, D26 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Using Sedimentary environments of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area as archives of palaeoenvironmental change during the Postglacial period and the Holocene.

My research focuses on using proxy techniques to use swamp and lake cores as archives of past environmental change, with a particular focus on semi-quantitative geochemical records of rainfall in eastern Australia between 21,000 years B.P. (i.e. the Last Glacial Maximum) and present. My work is currently focused on reviewing deposition rates across all sites in the Sydney basin that have been radiocarbon dated, to establish trends in accumulation rates that are common across the region, and then to compare these trends observed in the Sydney basin to other teleconnected records from Australasia


Associate Professor Scott Mooney

Professor James Goff