Geological Evolution, Ore Deposits, Exploration and Energy (GEODEE)

The GEODEE group has been informally running for a number of years and encompasses geological research undertaken at UNSW by current academics, visiting fellows and their students. We focus on geological evolution, ore deposits, mineral exploration and energy.

Project details

Current Members:


A/Prof David Cohen

Dr Ian Graham

Mira van der Ley


Visiting Fellows

Dr David French

Dr Paul Lennox

Dr David Och

Prof Colin Ward


PhD students

Angela Lay

Leeora Gubbay-Nemes

Dane Burkett

Mira van der Ley


MPhil students

Chad Gardner

Kandy Wang

Sonia Su


Honours students

Vanessa White


Past students


Lixin Zhao (CUMT, Beijing; co-supervised by Dr Ian Graham graduated in 2016) – Genesis and evolution of the of critical metal mineralisation within the lowest Xuanwei Formation, eastern Yunnan Province, SW China: implications for the Emeishan LIP and end-Guadalupian mass extinction.

Lei Zhao (UNSW; supervised by Prof Colin Ward, Dr David French and Dr Ian Graham, graduated in 2013) - Mineralogy and geochemistry of Permian coal seams of the Sydney Basin, Australia, and the Songzao Coalfield, SW China.

Kaydy Pinetown (CSIRO; supervised by Prof Colin Ward and Dr Neil Sherwood (CSIRO), graduated in 2012) - Geological controls on coal seam gas distribution in the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin, NSW.


Asep Permana (UNSW; supervised by Prof Colin Ward, Dr Zhongsheng Li (now CSIRO) and Dr Lila Gurba, graduated in 2011) - Mineralogical variation and changes in the South Walker Creek coals, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia.


Contact Details

Dr Ian Graham

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New South Wales

Phone: (02) 9385 8720 / 0435 296 445



Prof Colin Ward

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New South Wales